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Google acts against touts

Google acts against touts
The battle against ticket touts isn’t just about stopping them getting tickets instead of fans, it’s also about reducing their ability to sell those tickets dishonestly. Google has acted now to, hopefully, introduce a greater sense of honesty and transparency into the system.
How? All ticket sellers advertising on Google will have to make it clear if they are second hand sellers, and stop them pretending to be official sources. 
As Google told the Beeb: “We felt like we needed to do more to make sure the advertising of secondary ticketing is clear on our platform… To carry on advertising on Google, secondary sites can’t use words like “official”, they can’t use the artist or venue name in the website URL, and they’ll need to clearly say they are a reseller at the top of their page.”
“We’re not just going to certify resellers and go away. We’ll be making sure they maintain the criteria in order to run advertising. If the government want to push for further rules we would certainly comply with those rules.”

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