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Gorillaz Invite Horrors on Board

The Horrors, who reinvented themselves from black glad doom merchants into black clad psychedelic critic’s favourites, have revealed that an invite to Damon Albarn’s studio led to them working on the new Gorillaz album (due next year). The band told 6 Music "We went down to the studio and he said, 'We're working on the new album and we've not collaborated with a guitar band before and your album is one of the most exciting things I've heard in a long time. Would you be up for working on a track?” Not surprisingly, they said yes. Obviously Albarn isn’t counting Gorillaz’s work with Manchester legend Shaun Ryder as guitar because they just used his voice (on Dare). In return Albarn has mixed a Horrors track. But never mind the music, what angle is artist Jamie Hewlett going to take if this merits a video?

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