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Gorillaz team with Elton John

Gorillaz team with Elton John
Gorillaz are releasing ‘Song Machine: Season One’ later this month, so what better way to promote it than a team up between the band and Elton John? Yes, they’ve also turned him into a cartoon for the video, and the former mega star is very nice about the brains behind the Gorillaz, Damon Albarn:
“Damon reached out and asked me to do something and the way the song has turned out is just great. I was in the studio in London and he was at the other end in Devon, but even remotely it was such an engaging and creative process… I’ve always loved Damon because he encompasses so many different sorts of music. He has his fingers in so many pies and although he’s achieved so much, he never sits still creatively. He’s constantly pushing forward and embracing the new, which is admirable and rare. He’s always working – he’s always doing something. He’s done so much to promote music from around the world, from Africa, from China, that people hadn’t previously heard and I really admire that. I’ve always been a Gorillaz fan anyway, so when he asked me to do a Gorillaz track – it was a no brainer. I’m so very, very happy that that’s come about.”
Here's the Pink Phantom, which also stars rapper 6lack. 

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