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Grimes: gaming is less toxic than indie music

Grimes: gaming is less toxic than indie music
Sci-fi adventurer and musician Grimes has given a wife ranging interview with Billboard, and she’s compared two worlds she’s spent a lot of time in: indie music, and the gaming world. Which do you think has the least arseholes?
“the more I get into the gaming community, it’s a lot less toxic than the indie music stan community… Everyone’s going to laugh at me saying that gaming culture is less toxic than indie stan culture, but it’s kind of true, frankly, having lived in both extensively,” she said.
So there we are. From a musical point of view, she’ll be building up to a new album by dropping a series of single over the rest of 2021. “With my last album, I had a lot of big ideas, but I just let it be more impressionistic. With this album, I think I have a lot more to say. I feel very strongly about the material.”

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