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Grotbags had died

Grotbags had died
This news story is unashamedly for anyone who was young in the 80s and early 90s, because we have to bring you sad, sad news: evil witch Grotbags has died.
Now, for everyone else, there used to be a kid’s entertainer called Rod Hull, who had his hand stuck up the arse of a puppet called Emu. As Rod grew in fame he cast people as characters in a world, and one of those was the green skinned witch Grotbags. She was such a hit she got her own show, and for some people was far more entertaining than Rod. Sorry Rod.
Grotbags was really long time performer Carol Lee Scott, who honed her craft as a Blue Coat before TV, and it is her who has sadly died aged 74. We appreciate that people who come to Supajam for modern music and movie news are going ‘what?’, but give us a moment.

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