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Guardians of the Galaxy director speaks candidly about mental health

Guardians of the Galaxy director speaks candidly about mental health
James Gunn should be in a pretty good place right now, having directed both Guardians of the Galaxies, each a successful and much loved blockbuster. But he’s been in some dark places in the past, and he’s taken to Facebook to explain about his time in the darkness, to help other people.
He starts with a little admission: “I would be lying if I said I don’t get distracted by the numbers. The first thing I do in the morning is roll over in bed and check my phone for the morning box office reports,” Then things get serious.
“But, in the end, it’s not what matters to me. I write this now to let you know, but also to remind myself. Because I’m human and I sometimes forget… When I was young I felt utterly alone, at times to the point of suicidal thoughts… I never felt like I belonged, had an incredibly difficult time connecting to other people and, despite having love around me, I had an impossible time experiencing it, or taking it in.”
“I work because I love the relationships I have with my collaborators. And I do it because I like connecting with people, and the easiest way I know how to do that is through filmmaking…[The Guardians] are a group of heartbroken misfits whose lives have been bereft of tenderness and connection and who have a nearly impossible time trusting themselves or others. But they’re learning, one step at a time.”
“They are me. They are you. We are Groot.”

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