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Guns N’ Roses Accused of Copyright Theft, Deny It

You’d have thought that after many years of gestation, and still more millions of dollars in fees, the remainder of Guns N’ Roses could have produced an album that didn’t get them sued. But they have. Axl Rose and his record company are being taken to court for $1 million (which, if we’re being honest, does seem a bit small when you consider most American lawsuits) by two indie labels over the use of two samples from German electro soundscaper Ulrich Schnauss. These clips allegedly turn up in the track ‘Riad N' the Bedouins’ without permission. Gun N’ Roses are strongly denying the allegations - "The band believed when the record came out and still believes that there are no unauthorized samples on the track." – while the smaller labels are sticking to their story: "I can tell you that there is no paper trail authorizing the use of these songs and nobody from the plaintiff's side authorized the use of this song," said a lawyer. Sadly, there is little chance that Axl was listening to ambient German electro, as his label went on to say “the snippets of 'ambient noise' in question were provided by a member of the album's production team who has assured us that these few seconds of sound were obtained legitimately.” Sounds like someone’s getting fired...

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