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Guns n Roses axe racist and homophobic track from reissue

Guns n Roses axe racist and homophobic track from reissue
Guns N Roses fans are being invited to repurchase their classic LP Appetite for Destruction, with a choice of flavours in a massive box set reissue: five CDs, seven LPs, with seventy three tracks including forty nine previously unreleased. It’s a feast, but there’s a twist this time around.
The box will include the 1988 EP ‘G N’ R Lies’, but a track has been removed. Yes, ‘One In A Million’ is being deleted from history because of the racist and homophobic lyrics in it, which includes “immigrants and fagots, They make no sense to me, They come to our country, And think they’ll do as they please, Like start some mini-Iran, Or spread some fucking disease“.
It was a controversial song at the time and remains so, but we’re all for people learning in life and changing their views, so axing this is a positive.

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