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Han Solo wasn’t originally called Han Solo? Thanks Disney

Han Solo wasn’t originally called Han Solo? Thanks Disney
Disney are trying to whip up support for their Han Solo prequel, and today they dropped some bait. The surprise: Han Solo wasn’t originally called Han Solo, and a real name will be revealed in the movie. 
Now, two things. Firstly, if you read the expanded universe novels before they were taken round the back and shot, you’ve adapted to this ages ago. Second thing, Disney have done well with Star Wars so maybe it won’t be totally horrible. Although they did do that bad thing in Force Awakens (yes we’re not spoilering it eighteen months later) so…
Whatever you do Disney, please can he not be Solo because he likes to do stuff solo. Think of something good. 
Hmm, we can hear the voices of a million fanboys screaming out in the dark. 

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