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Hans Commission offer free track

Out for you now.

If there are any Fortean Times readers here (wave at me from over your tea), you’ll know synchronicity. Which is basically the fact I was reading an article on supposedly intelligent animals from the past when an email from Hans Commission arrived offering you all a free download. What the fuck, you might be thinking, ties those together?

Well, let’s have their PR explained “Hans Commission's name comes from a tale in the early twentieth century about the Clever Hans horse that was claimed to be psychic. Hans Commission were a group put together to investigate if tricks were involved in Hans' performance. It was eventually concluded that the horse didn't have these abilities.” So there we go. The free track is called Still Learning, and sounds like indie mixed with disco. The vocals take some time to warm too, if at all, but it’s free to download so try it. Debut single Roundabouts is out now.


Hans Commission- Still Learning by MusicVitaPR

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