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Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson: here are his 5 best moments

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson: here are his 5 best moments

Working in the music industry today is like watching an episode of Joey; there's just so much missing, and I'll explain why.

As modern culture is so young, we are waving goodbye to the icons who shaped our very world as the days go by. An archetypal figure is of course, Michael Jackson, who tragically died four years ago this June. Let this be a lament, and not a wake.

Here are Michael Jackson's Top Five Moments.

Motown and The Jackson 5:

It all began in 1964 with Michael at 9 years old, arm in arm with his brothers, writing beauties like 'I Want You Back', 'ABC', and 'I'll Be There' - boy, was he special.

Finding Neverland

Oooooh, Neverland. After a peculiar childhood (see above), Jackson obviously was left with some issues - so he built a zoo and theme park to live in. This featured a Ferris wheel, children's roller coaster, merry-go-round and exotic animals. Neverland was once valued at $120 million and is now in foreclosure proceedings. Shame.


This debuted a few weeks before Christmas on TV as a mini-movie, 45 Million copies sold, a fourteen-minute revolutionary music video and a red leather jacket: no more required.

Black or White

What does it matter? And that guitar is sublime.

The Moonwalk

Ah man - it all began with the Billie Jean video. I wanted to put 'Moonwalker' on the megadrive, but this is kind of like para-phrasing. It's probably the most iconic dance of the past few decades, maybe because it's universal - a fat guy and a small child could both give the Moonwalk a go - it's why breakdancing will never take off... Just watch Michael glide.


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