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Happy eBay week: Record Store Day releases already being sold on

Happy eBay week: Record Store Day releases already being sold on
You know how the average gig going fan gets upset when they can’t get tickets that sold out in minutes but someone is selling on ebay for hundreds of pounds? Well welcome to ebay week, aka Record Store Day 2017.
Record Store Day is, of course, a noble idea: release special records to get people into these things called shops, which is what us old people used to buy things from before the internet freed humanity to never go out unless you’re a delivery driver who can’t earn enough to eat unless they go at the speed of light. But, predictably, just as people queued overnight to buy their special Bowie, Prince and Dr Who vinyl releases (we’re not even joking about putting the Dr Who one in there), so the cream of the crop have already appeared for a mint on ebay.
So, record stores sell the records, ebay sell the records, everyone wins but us. Especially not if you’re one of the people who bought a cassette, because we were round when we had to use those and really, fuck that. 

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