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Hard-Fi strike back in war of words

Is Staines that bad?

Hard Fi come from Staines, and they recently proved they weren’t blind parochials by calling the place a ‘Ghost Town’. Anyone familiar with local news and politics can guess what happened next, so step forward Councillor Colin David, who attacked the band and defended the town. He even asked them to "engage with our local community and support promotional events planned over the course of the coming year". Which we assume means play the local carnival.

Anyway, Hard Fi have taken a few shots of their own, telling Sky News "It's funny how that councillor that came out never answers emails or letters and all of a sudden there's an opportunity for a front page in the local paper and he's right there defending Staines. What a twit." Yes, they say twit. The band added "We were talking about Staines being a ghost town in that no-one goes out at night. No-one's got any money. It must be really boring if you're a kid growing up there now as there's nothing to do."

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