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Harlem is getting a museum of hip hop

Harlem is getting a museum of hip hop
Harlem, New York: a place of great cultural birth, a tag name for a group of basketball players, and soon home to a museum of hip hop… and rather more.
So, the non cynical bit. A non-profit group have raised funds to develop a site in the district on 125th street, and phase one will include the aforementioned museum dedicated to the history of hip hop, as well as the obligatory coffee house and gift shop. Super. There is certainly a huge amount of material, and where better than New York.
Okay, stop complaining every other city in the US.
But here’s where we get cynical. Phase two will include a hotel, a shopping mall, a sports bar and a place for gigs as well as a bigger museum. Now… surely this is basically an all functioning commercial unit that happens to have a museum in one bit? 
Please note: we have a pic of P Diddy, not because he is involved, but because we think he's from the area.

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