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Hear Death Grips covered by a choir on Classical FM

Hear Death Grips covered by a choir

English composer Gareth Malone has comprised an idiosyncratic cover of Death Grips' 'Guillotine', which is made up of a choir.

The version is striking and has just debuted on Classical FM. Here's what Malone had to say about it: "In choosing music to record for this choir, David Kosten and I asked ourselves the question: 'what is the unlikeliest piece of music for a choir to sing?'"

Malone continued: "David suggested Death Grips’ track ‘Guillotine’ and we wondered if we could pull it off. The result is, I think, a choir sounding very different from how you’d expect and yet it’s still distinctly a British Choral sound."


Not quite a death grip, more a light pat.

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