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Hear a Brilliant Shawn James Session

Hear a Brilliant Shawn James Session
Shawn James has a voice that can touch the dark depths of a heart, and a talent with words to match. What we hadn’t realised was how well those skills would match with performing out in a snowy woodland.
Now, you might be thinking we’ve gone mad, but recently he released ‘The Lake Wenatchee Sessions’, a series of four live recordings, two of which were outside in snow. They are all brilliant, and below, but the one that might draw your eye is a cover of REM’s Losing My Religion. Of course, we’ve all cried and danced to that for decades now, and there’s been lots of covers, but truly, James’ skill and power make the song sound like a dead saint is whispering directly into your soul. 
A wonderful series of recordings, and well worth a listen.

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