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Here are the most Googled musicians of 2018

Here are the most Googled musicians of 2018
Google has released details on their most googled things, and we assume that porn was numbers 1 through 1,003, but today we’re looking at the list of most googled musicians. So who was number one? Step forward Demi Lovato, whose drug overdose prompted the most musical searching.
Number two was the Spice Girls, so we presume everyone under the age of eighteen looked them up to see who they fuck they were. 
Cardi B was a three because of massive fame, and Childish Gambino was four thanks to the politically brilliant This Is America video, aka one of the best pieces of art produced this year anywhere in the world.
Here’s the rest of top ten, to which we can only add George fucking Ezra???
Demi Lovato
Spice Girls
Cardi B
Childish Gambino
Tallia Storm
George Ezra
Fleur East
Kendrick Lamar
Rick Ross

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