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Here’s a sparse and beautiful EP from Luke De-Sciscio

Here’s a sparse and beautiful EP from Luke De-Sciscio
We don’t normally repeat whole emails in these posts, but Luke De-Sciscio has explained his new project very well, so we’ll let him speak. The tl:dr is he’s recorded an intimate and raw, but no less beautiful, EP, and you can get it now very cheaply. The twist is it was all recorded onto a phone.
The moment of vivid articulation at which the ideas awash in your head galvanise themselves into something coherent. A wavelength, with chord changes peppered along it, a melody weaving around it and lyrics falling from it.
All songs, that I have known, have started with this. A feeling in my gut, like a wavelength. Where I am not dwelling on the sound just made, but trusting even the weird will resolve into the wonderful. Where I am not anxious about what is to come - but trusting, that the wavelength will carry this song - through me - if I am just present..
Because, truth - simmers like a well inside of us. If we are open - and let it pour through us. There is art. Or there is dance. Or there is music.
All of the music I have released thus far has GROWN from one of these moments of inspiration. I'll revisit a memo in my phone (because NO ONE releases their phone memos) and I'll dig to find What made this special? - I'll rework the idea, convinced that ART should not be so easy.
And almost every time I release something I will, at some point, stumble back upon that initial memo and inevitably think the same thing: THIS was the song, THIS was the moment; THIS was special. I'll have a little mourn over the now diminished je ne said quoi that now exists a little deeper below the production and subsequent reworkings and promise myself something along the lines of 'next time, I'll trust my heart more.'
But, that TRUST takes a little bravery. It takes a bravery that I lost in the midst of aspiring to be a greater guitarist, a greater singer, a greater songwriter.   
Demanding greater of yourself, supposes that YOU, as you stand, are not good enough. Releasing your heart into the wild supposes almost the entirely opposite thing.
So - I'm doing something I've never done before:
Moonraker  is a 6 track EP recorded 1 week ago today, into my iPhone.
The songs, in their entirety: lyrics, melodies, chords - had never existed prior to the moment they were first recorded here and the recordings have been unprocessed.
So, my argument, in a world of reworked, rerecorded, reconsidered, rehashed re-whateveryouliked music - is that, TRUST is what I offer you here.       
Music, beneath the synths, beneath the gloss,  the straw hats, the 'I said, ''ARE YOU READY!??!"s and press releases is about HUMAN CONNECTION.     The most candid and unfiltered way I can personally offer that human connection, at this stage, is through shamelessly presenting myself in the moment of creation with no affectation or post-consideration.
https://lukedesciscio.bandcamp .com
[If there were to be a single - I would suggest it might be the final track - but, the songs were captured sequentially and I personally feel that they each are part of something bigger leading to that final moment.      So, please, take the time to discover this for yourself, and trust your intuition should you wish to share this.]
Thank you SO much for reading to this point,
all my gratitude!
Luke De-Sciscio”

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