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Here’s the new Fat White Family tune

Here’s the new Fat White Family tune
Fat White Family are back! April 19th will see the new LP Serf’s Up and… wait a minute, are you sure?
Are those… strings?
Yes, the band have evolved, and we don’t need to try to capture it as the family have done it for us: “Where once they soundtracked grubby Britain of vape shops, Fray Bentos dinners and blackened tinfoil, a crepuscular comedown realm stalked by Shipman, Goebbels and Mark E Smith, Fat White Family now inhabit another cosmos entirely.”
They really do, and it’s just as good. Or as they say “a lush and masterful work, lascivious and personal. Tropical, sympathetic and monumental, it invites the listener in rather than repel them through wilful abrasion. Fat White Family have broken previous default patterns of behaviour. As such, their third album heralds a new day dawning.”

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