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Here’s the new Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix

Here’s the new Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix
Oddly for a science fiction film with a talking raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy was as much about the music as the visuals, with the ‘Awesome Mix’ at the emotional heart of the movie and recent vinyl sales. With the sequel out in the cinemas soon, people have been asking: what 70s and 80s classics will be in the second Awesome Mix?
We’re pleased to have the tracklisting below, and the obvious titans are ELO’s Mr Blue Sky and Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, plus more bang on selections. This could be the summer soundtrack. 
James Gunn explained a few choices to Rolling Stone: ‘The Chain’ is one because it is about the Guardians, at least in the way we use it, and we use it a couple of times in the movie… And the other one is ‘Brandy’, which is an incredibly important song in the movie.”

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