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Here’s when you can find out who the new Dr Who is

Here’s when you can find out who the new Dr Who is
Peter Capaldi is leaving his role as the twelfth Dr Who, a statement which ignores the fact there have been more than twelve, but don’t complain to us, that’s what happens when a TV show does very well for awfully long and fucks about with time travel. Anyway, there is going to a Dr 13, and the BBC aren’t going to let us find out with a surprise in the show.
Oh no, they have an over the top advert which informs us “Meet the 13th Doctor after the Wimbledon men’s final, “Sunday 16th July”.
Now, if you’d rather not know who the new Dr is until he regenerates into a he or she, you stand no fucking chance at all in this spoiler obsessed culture, so you might as well give in and look up the BBC website later that night. 

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