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Here’s who writing for the first Black Mirror book

Here’s who writing for the first Black Mirror book
It’s weird to think that Black Mirror was once a weird little sci-fi drama on Channel 4 written by a clever critic, and now it’s a global sensation, but there we go. Now it’s also going to be a book, and said critic had something to say about that:
“All-new Black Mirror stories from exciting authors – that’s a joyous prospect. And they’re appearing in a high-tech new format known as a ‘book’” Charlie Brooker said, “Apparently you just have to glance at some sort of ‘ink code’ printed on paper and images and sounds magically appear in your head, enacting the story. Sounds far-fetched to me, but we’ll see.”
So who’s doing the writing? Book one has three authors: Cory Doctorow, Claire North and Sylvain Neuvel. It’ll be published in February next year.

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