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How bad are the paparazzi? Check out what Adele is having to do

How bad are the paparazzi? Check out what Adele is having to do

Adele is having to attend lessons to overcome her massive fear of the paparazzi, a source has revealed.

“Adele has always been camera shy but with her big comeback imminent her fear of being thrust back into the limelight is growing.

“She knows she will have paps following her every move when her album is released and wants to be better prepared.

“A close friend recommended Adele got in touch with a photographer in the US known as ‘the photo healer’ for some Skype therapy sessions.”

It is said the star been taking “a series of one-hour sessions” to help her overcome her fear.

The insider added: “He has been coaching the singer with a series of one-hour sessions which include teaching her to overcome her deep-rooted fears and anxieties associated with being photographed.”

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