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Hungary turns homophobe and quits Eurovision for being too gay

Hungary turns homophobe and quits Eurovision for being too gay
Hungary has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest a lot since the Cold War ended and Russian style communism fell away, but now it has quit the annual event. Officially, there is no explicit reason, just a promise to support home grown Hungarian music instead. Of course, that’s just officially…
…because people have been quite clear behind the scenes it’s a homophobic reaction to the Contest’s gay heritage. While the Hungarian officials responsible are staying quiet but blatant, TV personality András Bencsik has gone on a little rant:
“I welcome the decision, including from a mental health perspective, that Hungary will not take part in the homosexual flotilla that this international song competition has been reduced to. Many young people thought that this is something for people under 18, but at this event the destruction of public taste takes place with screaming transvestites and bearded women.”
We feel that homosexual flotilla is a glorious quote and we want to ride it, all aboad baby.

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