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Huzza! X Factor USA faces cancellation days after starting

Huzza! X Factor USA faces cancellation days after starting

After catastrophic opening weekend of ratings, Simon Cowell's X Factor USA looks to be calling it quits.

Simon Cowell forecasted viewing figures of 20 million when the show started. Now in its third series, only 3.6 million tuned in last weekend to see the singing talent show, which is paltry when you consider that the US's version of The Voice draws in 10 millions an episode.

UK X Factor judge and former Pussycat Doll Nicole Sherzinger has said: "Simon, honey, you need to worry about those ratings in the US! Our show is way better than the American one."

If the British incarnation is truthfully "way better", then how fucking awful must the USA X Factor be?

Isn't it a little bit sad and depressing that we're basically the most potent audience for shit television? Last week, X Factor attracted 8.22 million viewers, whilst Strictly Come Dancing had 10.3 million watching - that's one in every six people in the UK cramming their brains full of shit every Saturday night.

Let's not get into how we're the biggest worldwide audience for musicals now...

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