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'I threw a potato at you!' Highlights from Lily Allen's Reddit AMA

'I threw a potato at you!' Highlights from Lily Allen's Reddit AMA

Lily Allen took part in a Reddit AMA yesterday. Here are some of the highlights:

Potato thrower:


[–]zzzonked33 1097 points

No question to ask, just here to say that at Big Chill festival in 2010, I wrote 'show me your penis' on a potato, which my friend then threw onto the stage. You picked it up, read it aloud and then made a remark about being confused for Lady Gaga, which may have sparked some tension between the two of you.......so sorry about that.


[–]iamlilyallen[S] 983 points

Hahaha! Yeah, no biggie. I remember that.

Andddd, questions about her brother:

[–]10acious 951 points

Theon Greyjoy as a brother? That must be interesting?


[–]iamlilyallen[S] 1045 points

I'm very proud. He's a gifted actor.

[–]Brannigans-Law 362 points

Huge understatement, he's been heartbreaking as Reek

[–]iamlilyallen[S] 585 points

Yes, I'm finding it very difficult to watch.

On selling her soul to Roman Abramovic:



[–]JamesyyDSpotify 362 points

Why did you stop supporting Fulham you traitor

[–]iamlilyallen[S] 656 points

Because my husband is a Chelsea fan, and we want to bring up our children in a one-team household.

[–]faxwellington 196 points

Admirable intentions, but awful choice.

[–]iamlilyallen[S] 258 points

What can i say? family.

Music recommendations:

[–]megfry88 143 points

Instead of asking about not liking people, I'm curious if there is anyone out there right now that you think deserves a little more recognition (in any medium)?

[–]iamlilyallen[S] 286 points

I really like Sky Ferreira, I don't think she gets as much airplay as she possibly should. I share artists that I like on my Twitter as welll

Game of thrones incest?


[–]iheartbrainz 296 points

How did you feel when you told Alfie to get a job and he immediately went and got a job on the coolest show on tv??


[–]iamlilyallen[S] 686 points

Well, that was about a 5 year disparity between the two! But I've been asked to do a Game of Thrones cameo, they asked me if I'd be interested in playing Theon's sister, and I felt uncomfortable because I would have had to go on a horse and he would have touched me up and shit. Once they told me what was entailed, I said no thanks. I would be open to doing a musical cameo like Sigur Ros, though.

[–]iamlilyallen[S] 340 points



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