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IAMWHOLE mental health campaign launched on World Mental Health Day

IAMWHOLE mental health campaign launched on World Mental Health Day
Today, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. We want to take a moment to talk about how people with mental health are treated. Over recent years there’s been a lot of work done by charities and campaigns to get people feeling depressed, or ill, or even suicidal to reach out and talk about how they are feeling. But I’ve got to say, on a personal level, that sometimes doesn’t work. On this World Mental Health Day I want to say, if someone opens up to you about a mental health problem, don’t say at least they aren’t someone worse off, don’t tell them to cheer up, don’t say it’s all a lie and life is really something good. Instead acknowledge they are in pain, try to understand where that pain is coming from, and offer them support in the form of comfort and understanding. When someone is on the brink, stand with them and let them know they are not alone, don’t shout at them to step back. 
And now to some music. The NHS and the YMCA have started a mental health “initiative” called #IAMWHOLE, and they got Nothing But Thieves to play an orchestral version of Broken Machine, and pulled in some media figures to help, including Nick Grimshaw. The campaign is releasing a study called More Than Words, which interviewed young people and found 81% had encountered “negative” and stereotypical words about mental health, and quite frankly we’re surprised that number is so low, we’d have thought 100%. The main thrust of #IAMWHOLE is to confront the negative portrayal of mental health and refute the stigma. For more information, here’s their website. Of course, this campaign is coming at a time when the government is gutting the NHS and when local mental health services are in great danger. The NHS needs help to support the ill.

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