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Ian Brown and Jonny Marr to Work Together

Jonny Marr, once a member of key British band the Smiths, and recently in both Modest Mouse and the Cribbs, is rapidly taking the ‘man we joke about appearing in everything’ crown away from Jack White. Now Ian Brown, former member of the Stone Roses and now a soloist, has said he’s to work with Marr on songs for a TV show written by one of his mates: "The idea is that Johnny writes the music and I write the words and the melodies…We've got a mutual friend who's writing a drama series. One of them's about ticket touts, another one's about grafters – kids who sell T-shirts and things like that – and another one's about pickpockets. We're going to get together and do the soundtrack for these dramas. We'd have to bring a drummer or a bass player in." Not any old bassist, but possibly Mani from the Stone Roses and now Primal Scream. So basically it’s a sort of indie supergroup.

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