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Ian Brown wipes backside with Union Jack

Ian Brown has been coming up with inventive uses for the English flag onstage

Rabid patriots - look away!

There's been more controversy from a reliably on form Ian Brown -- guaranteeing he never, ever gets asked to guest spot on a Military Wives Choir record, the Stone Roses singer allegedly wiped his arse with a Union Jack whilst performing in Denmark on Saturday night. The NME has reported that Brown saw a fan waving the British flag in the audience, and requested it to be thrown up- whereupon he declared it 'the Pope's flag' and proceeded to perform (and this is a quote we've dug up direct from Danish music website Gaffa, via the magic of google translate) "an ostentatious ass-drying with the very same flag...much to the amusement and amazement of the rest of the remaining people in front of the stage."

There goes the knighthood...

Here's a blast of the Roses intro to the gig---


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