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Independent Bristol venue saved by anonymous 500,000 donation

Independent Bristol venue saved by anonymous 500,000 donation

The 150 year old music venue in Bristol known as the Colston Hall has received a total sum of £500,000 from an anonymous donation. The venue has been under redevelopment plans since a fundraising campaign launched back in September 2014. Currently the campaign has received up to £25 million from the support of public sources such as Bristol City Council, the government and Arts Council England. The planned redevelopment is estimated to cost £45 million. Fortunately, this anonymous donation will go towards this planned £45 million redevelopment which was happily accepted. Louise Mitchell, from the hall, said they were "grateful for this incredibly generous donation" made by a local family trust.

The redevelopment is hoped to start next year and to be completed by 2019. This new Colston Hall is expected to include an inclusive music education programme and an overall world class entertainment venue. Do you look forward for this new redeveloped Colston Hall? What are your opinion about this anonymous donation? Let us know.

Written by Tom Lafferty.

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