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Indie legends James open Glastonbury with style

James kicks off Glastonbury in style

It's a pretty sober mood that greets the Glastonbury faithful at 11am on a cold wet and damp Friday morning. Uncertain of a future we need something to left the spirits.

Frustratingly 40 stewards shovelling wood chip on the area in front of the Other Stage the size of a small country isn't going to do it. While the crowd wait for over 40 mins the staff do their very best and eventually Michael Eavis cuts the tape to declare this years festival open. 

James were an inspired choice. A recent No2 album and radio hit along with an arsenal of songs and THAT anthem that they would surely open with right? Wrong. Stubbornly refusing to play mega-hit "Sit Down" over the entire set the band instead opted for album tracks form the new record along with a slew of lesser known hits. 

Not that the crowd could have cared actually. With Vocalist Tim Booth on full on entertainment duties he duly surfs the crowd , climbs the barriers and gives enough heart and soul in the bands performance to ever give a shit that they once wrote an 80's anthem. 

"Sometimes" , "Out To Get You" , "Tomorrow" and a set rousing "Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) are interspersed with newer material like recent single "Nothing But Love" before the band conclude with their Summer anthem "Laid".

Seems like James were just the right choice to get everyone back on track. Let's see them win back the Pyramid stage next time eh?

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