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Introducing the Simba Cam

Introducing the Simba Cam
Your scribe has never been to a major US sporting event, even though they watch plenty of them on TV (well, the internet), but I am familiar with their love of ‘caming’. That is to say, zooming their cameras onto people in the crowd and sticking them on the jumbotron / vast display screen.
Over the years I’ve heard of marriage proposals, returning soldiers reunited with kids and the kiss cam, which invited people who the camera man hoped were romantically related to snog. But now, we have the Simba Cam.
Yes, step forward the Seattle Mariners, a baseball team, who set up special areas so fans can bring their dogs, them at certain times invite owners to hold them aloft Lion King style to appear on the big screen.
If this all sounds like total confusion, here is a handy video of Simba Cam going live:

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