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Introducing....Susie Soho

Introducing.... Susie Soho Ireland's hottest new band.

Susie Soho are a Meteor (The Irish equivalent of The Brits) nominated alternative rock band from Ireland who already have some pretty impressive credentials, they debuted at Oxegen in 2009 (yes that’s right debuted, as in played their first ever show), they released their first album “Where All The Ladders Start” which was mixed and mastered by Anthony P. (aLfa.P, Stereo Nova, Supermarket) and Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios (Lily Allen, Coldplay, Gorillaz) respectively and even picked up a Meteor nomination to boot. And now they're set to take the UK by storm with the release of their brilliant new EP Twelve Twenty Seven.

I had a chance to talk to the bands front man Tony Fitz recently and here’s what he had to say:

You are currently on the road promoting your new EP Twelve Twenty Seven, can you tell us what to expect from a Susie Soho show?

"With me playing acoustic guitar, people are sometimes surprised by how loud and raucous we can get. We really love playing live, and I think that comes across at our shows. We throw all our energy into it, and always have fun on stage..."

The band played its live début at Ireland’s Oxegen 2009 festival. That must have been huge, how did it feel to play your first show at such a big event?

"It was a great experience. Some of us had played there before in other bands, but to introduce ourselves on such a big stage was really exciting."

You had a huge two years in 2009/10 with playing Oxegen, getting a Meteor nomination and releasing your début album, would you say this changed your approach to writing new material for Twelve Twenty Seven?

"Not really! It's great to get a nomination, but we don't do it for awards. The biggest difference with the new material is that the début album was recorded at home before the band had really played together. We did things backwards! Twelve Twenty Seven is the first material we've recorded as a band, and it's that group dynamic that brings a different energy to the new songs."

What’s next for Susie Soho? And can we expect a full scale UK Tour soon for all of your fans across the United Kingdom?

"We launch the EP this Friday, 25th of November, with a live streaming video performance on our website, and promoting the record with some more shows, before working on some more recording early in the new year. We have some fun ideas for another EP we want to do ahead of getting into recording an album later next year. We'll be hitting the Summer festival circuit, and hope to include some dates in the UK. Keep an eye on www.susiesoho.com for details!"


You can view the video for the bands awesome new single Your Way Or Not At All here:

And if you'd like to catch them live you can find all of the bands tour dates HERE.

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