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Is Father John Misty’s new album coming in June?

Is Father John Misty’s new album coming in June?
Redditors are a very investigative bunch, which is a polite way of saying the mass of poorly thought out conspiracy theories and false leads which flow through Reddit sometimes hits the mark. So the fact a Redditor noticed that Amazon France had the new Father John Misty album listed is… interesting.
Yep, an album called God’s Favourite Customer has a June 1st release date, in France at least, and this may or may not be the new LP FJM has been talking about. Something is coming this year, as there’s a slew of interviews where he’s said things like “Most of this next album was written in a six-week period where I was kind of on the straits… I think the music essentially serves the purpose of making the painful and the isolating less painful and less isolating. But in short, it’s a heartache album.”
Fingers crossed.

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