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It might seem strange but Michael Stipe is releasing a debut solo single

It might seem strange but Michael Stipe is releasing a debut solo single
R.E.M broke up eight years ago and since then singer Michael Stipe has… well he hasn’t exactly been making music. Now, however, he’s back having recharged all batteries and we mean batteries not petrol engines because this all ties to the environment.
So, Michael is releasing a debut solo single this weekend Your Capricious Soul (October 5th), and he has eighteen songs written for a full solo album. Here’s the twist: profits go towards the Extinction Rebellion protests.
“I took a long break from music, and I wanted to jump back in,” he explained. “I love “Your Capricious Soul” — it’s my first solo work. I want to add my voice to this exciting shift in consciousness. Extinction Rebellion gave me the incentive to push the release and not wait… Our relationship to the environment has been a lifelong concern, and I now feel hopeful—optimistic, even. I believe we can bring the kind of change needed to improve our beautiful planet earth, our standing and our place on it.”
The song and video will appear, at first exclusively, on his website.

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