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'It's about equality' Cyrus flashes breasts for anti-censorship film

'It's about equality' Cyrus flashes breasts for anti-censorship film

Miley Cyrus has flashed her breasts in support of the Free The Nipple film.

Cyrus singer posted the image of herself flashing her nipples, which were covered up with drawn on heart-shaped Merry Christmas signs, on her official Twitter page.

She added: "It's not about getting your titties out. It's about equality." The documentary questions the strict censorship of female nudity compared to the relaxed approach to violence in media?

Are you of the belief that being able to show yourself to the public is liberating? Or is it perpetuating the sexist zeitgeist which so many female artists (Sinead O'Connor, Charlotte Church) have been speaking of?




Apologies for talking about Miley Cyrus...

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