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JK Rowling returns to top spot as highest earning author

JK Rowling returns to top spot as highest earning author
Over the two decades of Harry Potter fame, author JK Rowling has made some serious wedge, and she has now returned to the top spot as highest earning author in the world. Forbes have deduced this from looking at print, ebook, visual media and more, and estimated she earned $95 million in 2016 – 17. 
How has she done this? The success of Harry Potter and the Golden Child, whose script sold over  half a million copies, and the Fantastic Beasts movie, as well as selling even more new editions of the Potter books. 
If you’re wondering, and you might, she knocked crime author James Patterson into second, and he earned $87 million. Third place (Jeff Kinney) earned 21 million, so that’s a real big drop off.

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