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JLS JLS Targeted in Revenge Song

Alternative music isn’t known for diss tracks, where wronged/narky singers get verbal revenge on another group, but the genre would be much more entertaining if it was: who wouldn’t want to see a Noel Gallagher penned filleting of Keane? Luckily for those of us entertained by disagreements given musical form, it’s quite common in rap and r’n’b. Reality show losers/number 1 singers JLS have now got their own revenge song. The culprit is Jaime Jay, who dated bandmember Marvin Humes for six years and, if we believe her, managed the band and invented the name, only to be dumped when they got big. Her ‘Cheat Again’ copies JLS’ Beat Again, and thus isn’t very good, but has proved popular on YouTube and is getting a proper release. And let’s face it, there’s hordes of dumped girls ready for an empowering post break up anthem. We just wish she’d been more bitchy.

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