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Jake Bugg to sponsor a football team

Jake Bugg to sponsor a football team
Notts County is a modestly performing football club, located in League 2 of the British football system, although it’s actually the fourth division if you’re keeping score, they changed all the names to make the lower ones sound better.
Jake Bugg is a modestly performing indie musician who talks a bigger game than he actually provides and likes to keep the names of his co-writers off the pitch. Now they have come together, because Notts are having different shirt sponsors for every month next season and Bugg will be sponsoring one of those. Given he played at a charity match at their stadium, this is the next thing to tick off.
A Notts spokesman explained the club like money, sorry, the following: “To attract someone of Jake Bugg’s stature, for example, is a major coup for us,” he explained. “Add in the fact Jake’s a massive Notts fan and it’s a match made in heaven!”

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