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James Blunt goes to hilarious war with Twitter trolls... again

James Blunt goes to hilarious war with Twitter users... again

James Blunt has taken to Twitter for his most interesting artistic output: giving people who insult him on Twitter shit.

It's really funny:

Well, like I tell my girlfriend – there are no prizes for coming second. RT @******n13: James Blunt goes hard

As does your missus. RT @*******58: James blunt your music sucks #fact

You obviously went to one of those schools where everyone got a prize. @******e: I try to hate James blunt but I can't

I preferred "2 girls, 1 cup", but whatever you're into. RT @*****crown: 2 bullets, one gun, James Blunt and Noel Edmunds.. Without doubt

More on https://twitter.com/JamesBlunt

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