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James Blunt responds to Twitter trolls and starts gaining followers virally

James Blunt responds to Twitter trolls and starts gaining followers virally

Despite his album Back to Bedlam being the best-selling record of the past decade (I didn't buy it - I'm looking at you through your stereo, Radio 2 listener), James Blunt has been vilified by the public incessantly, and this time it's through Twitter.

The singer is deemed responsible for the drab Kate Nash-stained musical period of the mid-noughties, and people are clearly still sore about it, as they've been Tweeting abuse at the singer ever since the beginning of the promotional campaign for his new album, Moon Landing. Which began ominously with Blunt sending a spam email to the whole of Britain...

Here are some of the Twitter back and forths:

He responded to "Fuck you, James Blunt." with: "I'm sorry, but you'll have to get to the back of the queue."

We're living in a world of zingers, and people are enjoying the tweets. The "willy" tweet was retweeted 1,600 times, and from that point, his following steadily began to increase. Over the past week, he has gained nearly 20,000 followers (now at 223, 536).

And here's my favourite:


Jesus only needed twelve. RT @garymoody65: @JamesBlunt why you only got 200k followers?


Like that? Then you'll love this.. Celebrities read out abusive tweets directed at them - featuring Bieber, Katy Perry, Matt Le Blanc  

If you want to stream the new James Blunt album, it's here.

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