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James: Live Review

James: Live Review
“How were the support band? I hear they were pretty shit myself - can’t stand emotional singers “ quips James’ front man Tim Booth as his band take the stage having just supported themselves on a rainy sold out Saturday evening at the Royal Albert Hall.
The unique pairing of James supporting James has gone down well with the group’s rabid fan base. Starting off with an acoustic set of rarities and tracks from the band’s latest album “Living In Extraordinary Times” they kick proceedings off playing it relatively safe with a gentle version of their hit “Just like Fred Astaire” collectively sung back to them by the 4000 present.
The short half hour opening set contains just six songs including their minor hit “Destiny Calling” but it’s a testament to themselves should they want to tour acoustically when the all the band become OAPS as it’s clear they will still have the fan base for it. Collective pin drop anyone?
And as lead singer Booth is a year away from hitting the big 6-0 you could have forgiven the band for playing it a little safe when they come back for the electric set. 
Not a bit of it. 
Famously known for changing their set every night and frustrating the “10% who came along for “Sit Down” (they didn’t get it) the band attack the stage with an energy and urgency unlike any gig we’ve seen in the last 5 years.
Songs were stopped and restarted if not perfect. The set was heavy on unknown album tracks and bar “Say Something” “Laid” and set closer “Sound” where 30 or so fans broke rank and joined the band on stage (not a cellphone in sight!) the hits were sparse. Not that it mattered when a band are this entertaining. I was left with a feeling of getting completely inebriated but being extremely well looked after at a wedding where I knew no one but had made 4000 very close friends by the end of the evening.
At several points in the evening lead singer Booth left the stage wanting to make an even greater connection with the audience.
Plunging himself into a crowd surf during Leviathan and then scaling the barriers and dancing with the crowd during “Come Home” it’s a true testament to James that each album seems to be getting more and more popular and they seem the one heritage act that is determined not to live up to the label.
Pretty much every date on the tour is sold out but the band are playing a handful of festival dates over the Summer.
Check out Tim going walkabout during this exclusive clip of “Come Home” below

Catch them if you can.
James played:

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