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Jared Leto wants to play Jeff Buckley and we’re ok with that

Jared Leto wants to play Jeff Buckley and we’re ok with that
Jeff Buckley’s manager, Dave Lory, has a book out all about the legendary musician, and ‘Jeff Buckley: From Hallelujah To The Last Goodbye’ sounds like an interesting take. Lory has been doing promo, of course, and on a podcast devoted to 90s music called Desperate Times he explained about the quest to turn Buckley’s life into a movie:
“I have been approached, and there are some people reading the book right now. Movies take a long time, I don’t claim to be an expert at it, but the basis is there… The two people who are reading it, I can’t name obviously because they haven’t said yes, but they said, ‘The Jeff Buckley story hasn’t been told, and we’re huge fans.’ So that’s a start, but one of them said, ‘Wow it’s got the love story, you meet your wife on the road with Jeff Buckley. You get married, you have two kids, there’s tragedy, there’s musical genius. It’s got everything you need.”
“I think it’s more of a period piece, because that particular time period, the old show Vinyl didn’t really do justice to the music industry… They didn’t listen to the people that were on their board, or the advisors that were in the music industry. The late 80’s and 90’s was a time when hip hop and punk, and all of these musical genres merged.”
So that’s all a bit worrying, but then there’s a note of reassurance: someone really good is (or was) interested: “Jared Leto wanted to play him… I know the estate was trying to do a movie, and they’ve had several false starts. But there’s enough people out there…”
Hmm, that’s promising.

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