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Jarvis Cocker is narrating a new ABBA exhibition

Jarvis Cocker is narrating a new ABBA exhibition
You know how you can just wander round an exhibition at your own pace, or you can take a narrative with you provided by the display? Well, there’s a new ABBA exhibition opening in London and the voice of the narrative is no less than Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker.
The show will be about all things ABBA, and here’s Jarvis explaining (sort of), why he’s in it:
“I love ABBA. You love ABBA. My love began when my sister bought ‘Arrival’ in 1976 and played it non-stop for the next six months… What’s your story? Why don’t we meet down at the Southbank Centre to compare notes? I would love that…”
It’ll be at the Southbank Centre, London, December 14 to April 2, but you have to book.

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