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Jarvis closes door on Pulp reunions

Jarvis closes door on Pulp reunions
As Pulp fans, we’ve always wondered whether the band could reunite and recapture the magic of those classic albums, and the evidence of After You was they could. But Jarvis seems to have shut the door permanently on those hopes.
“We got back together in 2011 and 2012 and we did quite a lot of shows and for me, that really brought that chapter to a satisfying end,” Jarvis said The Creative Independent. “We rehearsed for quite a long time and I think we’ve managed to play the songs convincingly and authentically, and by that I just mean that we managed to locate what the songs were about. They still rang true.”
Indeed “I did feel that the last concert tour went as well as it possibly could have. But then I thought, ‘Well, that’s it’… You can’t just keep doing that. We didn’t play any new material. I was pleased about that because it wasn’t like, ‘Here we are, we’re back and we’re going to play you some old hits, but first you’ve got to listen to some new songs’. We weren’t trying to sell anybody anything. We were just trying to play what existed and bring it back to life in a convincing way… I thought it was pretty much a perfect tour, really; and that was a good end to that. But then I just had to try and think about what I would do after that.”

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