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Jarvis is releasing a branded tea and jigsaw

Jarvis is releasing a branded tea and jigsaw
Jarvis Cocker, under his new Jarv Is guise, has released some new merch…. And given where we are in the world right now, is anyone surprised it’s a peppermint tea and a jigsaw.
That’s right, a tip it into pieces and reassemble it jigsaw.
This hasn’t just been thrown together, there’s real work behind the tea and Jarvis has provided messages with it. Here’s him explaining: It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the people at Dragonfly to produce a bespoke tea blend to complement the ‘Beyond the Pale’ album… I always thought it would be a nice idea to create a tea to accompany our album, but Dragonfly have made that idea a reality. What message awaits you on the tag attached to the tea bag? Only one way to find out… Welcome to the Peppermint Jungle!”

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