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Jason Manford is releasing an album: Yes that Jason Manford

Jason Manford is releasing an album
Do you remember Jason Manford, the comedian who was sacked from the One Show for, well, texting issues? He’s been doing some turns in musicals, and now we get to hear an entire album by him.
Yes, Manford is following up a turn in The Producers by releasing ‘A Different Stage’, with songs from Les Mis, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and more. You can see why this is happening as last year’s biggest debut artist was comedian Bradley Walsh, but it’s not even Christmas time and the gran market.
Here’s Jason chatting balls: “I feel so incredibly lucky to have been asked to record this album especially with a respected record company like Decca – what are they playing at?!! From singing with my Nana’s band as a young boy to appearing in huge musical productions, I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember. It’s been a treat to perform my favourite songs and it’s been great to share some of the experience along the way with many of my fans on Facebook. Their support and my Nana’s passion for music has led to this momentous moment in my life. Hope you like it.”

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