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Jay Z was once warned by the FBI to delete emails over potential hacks

Jay Z was once warned by the FBI to delete emails over potential hacks
Bit of a strange case this one. Jay Z is currently being sued by Parlux Fragrances for, as they believe, failing to properly promote a perfume they released. For his part, Jay Z says he did a lot but the company weren’t very good. Amidst all this was a judges statement in 2020 where he accused Jay Z of “destroying evidence” by deleting emails.
We now come to today, where the Complex has spoken to a source about why Jay Z deleted a load of emails. Here’s the quote:
“According to the source in question, the FBI reached out to Jay-Z at some point to inform him there was an “imminent hack” on his email account. As a precaution, the agency advised the Roc-A-Fella co-founder to delete his emails, per the source. Additional details regarding the hacking concerns weren’t immediately available.”
There’s no further details, like does the FBI really do this? How often? Who was going to hack etc? But it’s an idea that’s now out there.

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