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Jeff Goldblum double bill: Jurassic World 2 and free sausages

Jeff Goldblum double bill: Jurassic World 2 and free sausages
And now, a double header of news about Jeff ‘the fly’ Goldblum, news which gets weirder in each paragraph. 
So, the basic news is that Jeff will be returning to the world’s second greatest dinosaur franchise as he’ll be in Jurassic World 2, and yes, he’s coming back as Dr. Ian Malcolm from the first two Jurassic Park films. Although whether he’ll be a clone or something we don’t know. We like to think so. And on any normal day that would be it, but…
On the morning of April 26th, aka this morning, Jeff was spotted in Sydney city centre in a good truck handing out free sausages.
Yes you did just read that. 
As he told AP: “This is all about, look we have Chef Goldblum’s food truck. It’s a secret, I can’t say. What do you think it’s about?... Let’s say that I’m doing some research for some work that I’m going to do in my chosen profession…”
Err, feeding T-Rex’s sausages?

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