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Jesus and Mary Chain: there's no place in the world for us

Jesus and Mary Chain: there’s no place in the world for us
Jim Reid has been talking to NME about The Jesus and Mary Chain and their first album in eighteen years, which is the amount of time it takes someone to be born and legally be allowed to drink, so yeah. It’s free online and you don’t have to hunt in shops, but there’s one very important theme to the chat, and one many people will have identified with in the glory days and now. 
Speaking of what drives the band, Reid explained “The theme with any Mary Chain record is always me and my brother and how we see our place in the world, or the fact that there is no place in the world for us, generally.” Disillusionment, isolation, no place, you can see how the music reflects this, and there’s always a need for it. 
There’s anger too, not always at the world. “It’s pretty well documented that [the brothers] had a few run-ins through the years. There’s a lot of love and there’s a lot of hate. It’s part of the dynamic of what makes the band tick. It’s the engine of The Jesus & Mary Chain. There’s a lot of anger and aggression and these fights boil over. It’s what makes the band go, so it’s all fair game, you can sing about that.”
Damage & Joy is out now.

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